Job Openings

We are a social enterprise, and not for profit.  As such, we depend on the experience and passion of many volonteers.  Furthermore, we are a collective, and invite any reader who may have an idea for a task they might take on, whether it be paid or not, to contact us so that we can find ways to work together in his grand project. Please share this list with your friends and family. Thank you.

Job Posting in a Democratic Learning Centre:
An excellent opportunity to work in and with a learning cooperative.
We are seeking attendants(s) for a new family co-op in St Eustache. Open to all, the work includes taking care of members of the garderie and the senior day centre, as well as helping to expand the co-op into the community, with the goal of opening a democratic learning centre / free school within 2 years. The applicant should have a driver’s license and be able to work 3 or 4 days a week in or near St Eustache. Furthermore, he or she should be comfortable with social activism, excel at finding creative solutions, understand non-violent communication, and have a good idea of ecological and sustainable practices. Multilingualism and a car are assets. No experience required. People of all ages, as well as parents with children, are welcome to apply. There is a base salary and there are set responsibilities, but the position will evolve with the individual. Which is to say that pay raises, position within the organization, and responsibilities will depend on the efforts and needs of the person. Please reply with a letter of intent to Tammy Mackenzie, For more information on democratic schools, please see


POSITIONS TO FILL Person to Contact
Fundraiser (commission) Tammy Mackenzie
Marketing / Social Media Coordinator (will become a paid position this year) Camille Price-Piché
Bloggers (volonteers) Marc-Alexandre Prud’homme
News Reader / Analyist (will become a paid position this year) Tammy Mackenzie
Lobbyist (paid) Tammy Mackenzie
Event Organizer (volonteers) Michal Rokem