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Submission Guidelines

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Who can submit?
-Anyone who wants to (from 4 to 100 years old)

-From 150 to 900 words

-Pseudonyms must be used when mentioning actual people, schools, or school boards.
-We encourage the addition of non-copyrighter pictures or drawings in your article

Types of articles
– Original works in the form of opinion paper; reviews of films, documentaries or books; interviews with students, parents, or teachers; personal stories, etc.

-Prose, Poetry, any other

-Educational alternatives (democratic schools, unschooling, North Star, Montessori, Waldorf, Freinet, home schooling…)
-Human rights in schools (freedoms of speech, of conscience)
-Positive or negative experiences of education, from the point of view of a student, a teacher, a parent
-Democracy in schools
-Public education, and the education of citizens
-Psychotropic medication of young people
-Drop-outs (be they students, parents, or teachers)
-The joy of learning
-An education based on consent
-Student movements
-Anything else you would like to add to the conversation.

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